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Why you're here

Doing business in Africa and importing goods can be scary and full of roadblocks, but the potential for wealth is well worth the learning curve. In the Masterclass, you'll learn how to navigate those challenges and gain tools to become a successful entrepreneur!

  • Limited class size so each attendee gets the chance for expert consulting.

  • A comprehensive curriculum based off 10+ years of on ground experience in importing/exporting African goods and distribution.

  • Registration includes a bulk order of Shea butter to test your business knack and act as a model for processing & selling African goods.

Meet Shalom Bako

Your African Business Consultant

Shalom Bako

Senior Instructor

Shalom Bako is a leading expert on doing Business in Africa, who’s influence spans from the Sahel to the States, where he’s redefining what you may know as “African Agriculture.” Born and raised in Northern Nigeria, Shalom moved to the United States as teenager; excelling as an athlete with teams like the Los Angeles Galaxy. Groomed by unique international experiences, Shalom returned to West Africa, focused on agricultural development, manufacturing and distribution. He also serves on the Global Chamber® Los Angeles advisory board.   Shalom is passionate about connecting the African continent with the global diaspora; using agricultural trade and development as a primary vehicle. "Innovation for Africa, must be lead by Africans.”

Course curriculum

    1. Intro: Welcome to the Diary of an African Entrepreneur

    2. Untapped Wealth Potential for Diasporans

    3. READ Business in Africa: Opportunities for Wealth Creation

    4. Download Course Outline

    1. Abundance of Raw Goods Sourced from Africa

    2. 3 Steps to Choosing the Right Product




    6. SUMMARY: Processing & Packaging


    1. eCommerce: Start an Online Business

    2. Uploading Products

    3. Platforms for Selling

    4. Online Marketing & Advertising

About this course

  • $499.00
  • 15 lessons
  • LIVE October 13, 2022
  • Replay starts October 17, 2022

Bonus materials

In addition to the 6 in depth modules and live auditing session, there's even more bonus material to make sure you get the tools and resources you need to continue growing your African Business.

  • Bonus 1

    $400 value

    1 bulk box of shea butter or hibiscus to test out the entrepreneurial skills you gain in this Masterclass!

  • Bonus 2

    $300 value

    Complete Guide to Marketing Strategies for selling African Goods in the Diaspora and the products with the most demand.

  • Bonus 3

    $100 value

    Complete Exporter's Guide e-book that goes more in depth on how to export African goods.

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